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These are recording and/or .PDF files of a 4 class e-course for student ministry leaders/pastors or anyone who wants to improve their talks, sermons, lessons, etc...

Talk Boosters: Methods I've Learned From 21 Years Of Preaching That Can Take Your Talks To A New Level

What is "Talk Boosters" about?

I offered a 4 class e-course that focused on 3 important areas:

  • Content
  • Structure
  • Presentation

Specifics On The Four E-classes:

E-class #1
Overall Topic: The two most important parts of a talk that connects and encourages action

Some of what you'll learn:

  • My story - My background and why no who knew me growing up would think I'd ever me an effective speaker
  • Without this thing you will have a hard time getting students to listen to your talks
  • Methods you can use to encourage students to listen right from the beginning
    of your talk
  • The thing you need to use in every talk if you want to increase your chances of students taking action on what you're talking about (*Note: everything you say in your talk needs to aim towards this)
  • Other ideas & thoughts

"Try-Before-You-Buy" - Access My 1st E-class for FREE
I've decided to let anyone who would like to listen to the recording for no cost.

Watch the recording of the 1st e-class:
Click here to view the recording of class #1 on
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I start talking at 27 seconds into it, so just wait and it will start!

Download the ebook (PDF transcript) of the 1st class:
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If you decide you want to but the e-course, then you'll pay for the 1st e-class and the 3 other e-classes.

*Just scroll to the bottom of this page to pay.

If you decide you don't want to be a part of the e-course, then you got to have that 1st class for free. *You're welcome! :)

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E-class #2
Overall Topic: A universally powerful tool to share truth and and knowledge.

Some of what you'll learn:

  • What you need to "sprinkle" throughout your talks to get students attention.
  • A new way I've structured some of my talks that has helped me to give some of the best talks I've done in 21 years of speaking
  • The lesson Rick Warren learned from working on "The Prince Of Egypt" movie that can help your talks to capture and hold your students attention
  • A lesson from Pixar that can help you in how you put together your talks
  • Other ideas & thoughts

E-class #3
Overall Topic: Non-traditional ideas and little talked about methods for putting together talks that hold your student's attention.

Some of what you'll learn:

  • An element I use in my talks to help people to follow me through from beginning to end
  • A technique I use to encourage people to listen to what's next in my talk
  • Two different techniques to use when you want to speak to someone's mind or
    their heart.
  • An unique talk structure I've used to teach a life-lesson while adding a twist to also teach a God-lesson
  • Other ideas & thoughts

E-class #4
Overall Topic: Practical advice in putting it all together

SSome of what you'll learn:

  • I'll walk you through putting together an effective talk. I put together a document with the stages I used to put together a recent talk from the beginning all the way to the end. I'll even give you an audio clip of the final talk, so you can hear the end result.
  • The most effective way I've discovered to continually come up with ideas of things to talk about.
  • Content/topics you should talk about and topics I regret NOT speaking on
  • Body language ideas to improve your presentation and grab student's attention
  • Other ideas & thoughts

What Format Can I Buy This E-course In?

1. You can buy the *VIDEO RECORDINGS of these classes to watch.

What do you get?

  • You get 4 e-classes that are around 60 min. each (some go a little longer)
  • These recordings can be viewed through your browser online
    or can be downloaded and viewed offline on your computere (exe. format)
  • That's approximately 4 ½ - 5 hours of instruction
  • You will see and hear everything you would have if you were a part of the live
    e-classes. You'll see the powerpoint slides I showed while you listen to the audio of me explaining these methods.
  • You can watch the recordings over and over again.
  • You'll receive the EBOOK VERSION of this e-course for FREE (selling below) with your purchase of these recordings. That means you DON'T have to buy the ebook version below when you buy the recording!

2. You can buy the EBOOK VERSION of this e-course to read.

What do you get?

  • 62 pages of content all in one ebook (.PDF file) - taken from the word-for-word notes from these classes.
  • 4 individual .PDF files for each of the 4 e-classes, so you can easily print each class separately to study.
  • You will have pretty much everything I said live in the class in written form.
  • You can read it online, on your PDA, or print it to read away from your computer.

NOTE: All of these formats allow you to be able to access the training information
in just minutes from now.


How much do these two formats cost?

I've done my best to price this e-course so you could get it at a fair price, while also taking into consideration all of the hours it took me to prepare and present the information.
Here are the prices you can get it for...

Video Recordings:
Regular Price = $50 ($12.50 each recording) /Customer Discount =$25 ($6.25 each recording)

Complete Course In Ebook Format + Individual PDF Files Of Each Class:
Regular Price = $24/Customer Discount = $12

*You qualify for the "Customer Discount" if you have already purchased my ebook
"How To Build A Lasting Student Ministry".

Bonuses You Get When You Purchase The Visual Recordings OR The Ebook:

  • You'll also get a .PDF of “3 Bonus Ideas To Help You Put Together Relevant, Creative Content”. This is information I couldn't fit in the 4th e-class when I taught it due to time running out.

  • Supplemental Material For The 4th Class: “A Step-By-Step Walk Through Of How I Put Together A Talk” - This is will take everything I've taught you in this course and show you how I used it to put together a talk recently. I'll show you the 8 stages I went through to take a talk from the "basic" idea phase to finished talk.

  • I will allow you to share your recording or ebook and .PDF files with anyone on your leadership team or church staff. That means you don't have to buy it for each volunteer or paid team member. The one price you pay can be used to train everyone on your church team. *I just please ask that you do NOT share it with anyone outside of your church. Thanks.

My Guarantee:

You have 30 days to listen/read the e-course and try out what you've learned.
If you don't feel what you learned was worth what you payed for the course,
I'd be glad to give you a full refund.

How To Order:

1. First Decide Whether You Want To Purchase The Recordings (Option #1)
Or Whether You Want To Purchase The Ebook (Option #2).

Then click the button and pay the regular price OR the customer discounted price
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OPTION #1: Purchase E-Course Video Recordings

4 class recordings with 4 ½ - 5 hours of instruction
*INCLUDES the recording, ebook AND .PDF of individual classes - plus other bonuses mentioned above.

Regular Price -> $12.50 per recorded e-class =$50 total

Customer-Only Price -> $6.25 per recorded e-class =$25 total

OPTION #2: Purchase E-course Ebook
*Do NOT PURCHASE this option if you are already
ordering the visual recordings above! You'll get the Ebook version of the e-course included for FREE with your purchase of the recordings.

Ebook with 62 pages of training
*This INCLUDES the complete ebook AND .PDFs of individual classes - plus other bonuses mentioned above.

Regular Price =$24 total

Customer-Only Price = $12 total

What Happens After You Order:

  • You will make your payment through my payment processor ( and you'll be sent to a webpage where you'll fill in your name and email to automatically be sent your download information.

  • You'll be sent a confirmation email with a link in it to click to confirm you want to receive emails from. Once you click it you'll automatically be sent the download link by email.

  • Click the download link in that email and you'll be taken to the page where you can access all of the things you've purchased.

*Total Estimated Time: In approx. 5-6 minutes you should be able to start reading or watching the e-course. Inc. (Ohio, USA) is an authorized retailer for goods and services provided by RAMP (

Scott Aughtmon

After being in Youth Ministry for approx. 14 years, He currently is church planting in Silicon Valley, CA

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