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"Success Secrets Revealed By A 16 Year Old Ice Skater!"

"Success Secrets Revealed By A 16 Year Old Ice Skater!"
By Scott Aughtmon Author of "How To Build A Lasting Student Ministry"

February 21, 2002. It was an unbelievable moment in ice skating history.

The winner herself couldn't believe it!

Sarah Hughes had just gone from 4th place in the "short program" to gold medal winner, after she performed an incredible set in the "long program".

The odds were against her, but her performance proved the odds wrong! The most incredible thing for me out of this whole moment was the words I was about to hear her say.

I didn't realize it, but this 16 year old girl was about to reveal a secret to succeeding in any area of life.

Before I tell you what she said, let me warn you.

The words she said will seem like they fly in the face of everything that you've ever heard about what it takes to succeed.

They will seem to go against goal setting.

But listen closely, because they don't go against any of these things! What she said is, for many people, another missing ingredient for success!

Many people are so involved in trying to succeed that they miss this one thing that this young girl instinctively knew.

What is her secret to success?

In the interview afterwards, she said that after getting 4th place she really doubted she would get gold, so she decided to do one thing: to just enjoy her next performance!

That's the missing ingredient to success!

Ministry is hard. It has it's up's and downs. So what can you do?

Enjoy what your doing NOW! Enjoy the process! Don't wait till the future, because it might never come. Enjoy today!

Set goals. Pray. Be positive. Keep learning, but most of all, enjoy the process!

Sarah wanted to win a gold medal. It had been her goal since she was a child, but the reason she won was not because she was determined to win. It was the simple choice to enjoy herself -- to have fun.

I heard a story once about a toll taker on a highway. He stood out from all the other toll takers. The line to his booth was always the longest.

Guess why? It wasn't because he was the fastest or the most precise. It was because he knew Sarah's secret!

When people pulled up to his booth on the way to work early in the morning, they saw an incredible sight. They saw a man with a big smile on his face. He was singing along to his music and dancing!

He was truly enjoying himself. His joy was contagious. It changed the attitude of each driver that came through his line. That is why his booth was so popular. That is why he succeeded at a job that most people do half-heartedly.

He enjoyed himself!

If a toll taker and a 16 year old can do this and succeed, then why can't you?
No matter what your goal is for your ministry, decide today to enjoy the process.

You'll reach your goal and you'll enjoy yourself on the way!

Scott Aughtmon is the author "How To Build A Lasting Student Ministry" an ebook that contains interviews with 14 top student ministry leaders.

They reveal what they'd do if they had to start all over again... from scratch.
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Scott Aughtmon

After being in Youth Ministry for approx. 14 years, He currently is church planting in Silicon Valley, CA

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