Lasting Student Ministry - How To Grow A Youth Group That Has A Lasting Impact

"How To Build A Lasting Student Ministry"
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Thie "toolbox" was created to help you have to tools to easily get the word out about this ebook "How You Can Build A Lasting Student Ministry".

You can use these tools as they are or just for inspiration. I'll share 65% of the profits from any sales you send through your affiliate link as a way to thank you for your help. (See how to create your link below!)

Why am I giving away 65% of the profits?
Because I'm not some big publishing house. I can't afford ads in magazines, etc. I have to rely on word-of-mouth or word-of-mouse!

I figure if I give you a big enough incentive, then you'll tell more people! I'll end up with more people being helped by the ebook and I'll still get more than I would've promoting it myself! :)

What's In This Toolbox below
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Affiliate Facts

Important Affiliate Tracking Fact:

You can get paid up to 60 days after your referral!
After you make a referral, you will earn a commission if the customer purchases any product from that site up to 60 days later.

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How to make your affiliate link:

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Calculating Commissions (from ClickBank)

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Retail Price: $29.95
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Net Sale Amount: $26.70
55% of the Remainder: $14.69

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How To Mask/Redirect Your Links

You can mask or redirect your affiliate link in two ways, so that you don't have to use a long, crazy looking URL in your emails.

There are two ways to do this:

1. – This is a free program that will shorten your links. If you don't have your own website or blog, this is the best option.

2. Set up a redirect from your website –
If you have your own website, this is a pretty easy thing you can do. Just make a new page on your website and with just this code in the html. Add your nicknamewhere it's red!

<title>Loading "How To Build A LASTING Student Ministry" page...</title>
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if(document.images) { top.location.replace(url); }
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Now that you've done that here's the next step...


Easy Ways To Get The Word Out About This Ebook In A Non-pushy Way! :)

Here are some articles and reports you can give away to indirectly promote this ebook. They provide good, helpful information while also subtly mentioning the ebook.


Report #1: "The Missing Ingredient To A Success In Life"
Prayer + Truth + ? = Success

This 9-page report talks about one of the things that will hold Student Ministry leaders back from seeing success in their walk with the Lord. It's the thing that will keep them from it - even if they get this ebook.

Click here to download the .PDF of "The Missing Ingredient To A Succes"

Report #2: "The Power Of Yes And No" - The Simple God-given power that affects your destiny.

This 11-page reporttalks about one of the things that will hold Student Ministry leaders from seeing success in their walk with the Lord. It's the thing that will keep them from it - even if they buy this "Lasting..." ebook.

Click here to download the .PDF of "The Power Of Yes & Now"

(NOTE: Both of these above reports are written in a way that they apply to any believer, but Student Ministry leaders will like and benefit from them too.)

*These are all formatted to less than 65 characters so that they can be sent in an email without any line breaks

Article #1: "Student Ministry Lessons From A Legally Blind Bowler"

Article #2: "Are You Preaching Christ Or Christianity?"


Sample Interview
Put this on your blog, your website, in your ezine, or ?
*Make sure to insert your affiliate link at the beginning and the end!


Ideas About Where You Can Promote It

Where Can you Give These Away?
1. Your Ezine: Your subscribers will get good content and hear about the ebook.
2. Your Favorite Forums: Include the free report link in your Signature File.
3. Your Website: You can offer the report as an incentive to get people to sign up for your ezine or email list.
4. Your Blog: Post the article there and you have instant content. You can use it as an incentive for people to sign-up for your RSS feed.
5. Your Email Signature File: You can put it as a P.S.
6. Your MySpace or other Social Networking Page: People put up goofier stuff than this!


Text Ads
These ads are just for inspiration or you can copy and paste them.

Other Advice About Getting The Word Out

Buy The Ebook
The best way to tell people about this ebook is by telling them what you honestly think about it! That means you'll need to purchase it yourself and see if you really think it'd help others.

Write A Review
After you purchase it, tell people about the ebook. Give them some a "taste" of it by mentioning some of what it contains, but don't rewrite the whole ebook for them! :) Give them some samples and tell them why you like it. Then give them your affiliate link so they can read the intro and get a sneak peek themselves!

Graphics and Buttons
These are for your blog, your website, your ezine, etc.
*Make sure to add your affiliate id in the text!

Buttons You Can Use

Scott Aughtmon

After being in Youth Ministry for approx. 14 years, He currently is church planting in Silicon Valley, CA

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"Reading Scott Aughtmon's new Ebook, "...Lasting Student Ministry" is akin to
sitting 'round a table with a band of well-weathered youth ministry veterans
as they share their various views on assembling a student ministry with real
eternal impact."

You'll find great insights through the streams of convergence and divergence in their thinking and praxis. The combined years of youth ministry experience of the ministers Scott pulled together is in the hundreds of years."

"These folks have more to share than just a really good crowd-breaker involving balloons, chocolate sauce, and a live gecko!"

Chuckk Gerwig
Pastor to Students and their Families at Santa Cruz Bible Church in Santa Cruz, California

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