Lasting Student Ministry - How To Grow A Youth Group That Has A Lasting Impact

“My Accidental Call Into Student Ministry”

I was a youth pastor for about 14 years. I started sort of by accident.

Our youth pastor left and the church didn’t get another one right away. They needed someone to lead the group, so I and group of people starting leading it.

I was 19 and didn’t really have a clue about what I was doing!

The group of leaders eventually dwindled down to me and another friend. The two of us through trial and error, prayer, sweat and tears, eventually saw the group grow and become something we could feel proud of.

I used those same things I learned from that experience with the next group I was with.

It was hard to take this small group and start all over again. But with the knowledge I had from doing this already once, it helped me a lot!

Since I had done this before, I had things I knew that would work. I also knew what wouldn’t.

I still experimented with new things. I still tweaked things and perfected things. But having the experience and knowledge from the first 10 years of ministry made my last 5 years even more effective!

What I Didn’t Have
I wished I would’ve known some other Student Pastors who God had used successfully to birth a student ministry that could’ve helped me by giving me tips, advice, etc.

I wish I would've had the time and money to go to those Student ministry conferences to learn from top leaders.

But I didn't have any of those things. That's why I'm glad I had a chance to put this ebook together to help youth pastors who were like me. I want this to be an affordable book full of proven ideas and methods from people who are "in the trenches" like you.

I hope this ebook helps you to do even more than I was able to and I hope you have even greater memories of your years as a youth pastor.


Scott Aughtmon

After being in Youth Ministry for approx. 14 years, He currently is church planting in Silicon Valley, CA

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"Reading Scott Aughtmon's new Ebook, "...Lasting Student Ministry" is akin to
sitting 'round a table with a band of well-weathered youth ministry veterans
as they share their various views on assembling a student ministry with real
eternal impact."

You'll find great insights through the streams of convergence and divergence in their thinking and praxis. The combined years of youth ministry experience of the ministers Scott pulled together is in the hundreds of years."

"These folks have more to share than just a really good crowd-breaker involving balloons, chocolate sauce, and a live gecko!"

Chuckk Gerwig
Pastor to Students and their Families at Santa Cruz Bible Church in Santa Cruz, California

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